Mr. Jackson


- Eco type Rooms Facility -
Comfirtable Rooms

The rooms are available for your comfort with a natural view of the environment. Double, single and family rooms are available with all the facilities.

The family rooms are spacious including all the furniture and equipment. Accommodation is based on the crowd visit to our eco resort.





Cottage Family Room


Our family rooms available to serve you with better service. TV, Wi-Fi, Hot water and other services are available for a better holiday. Rooms are comfortable for the whole family.

The rooms are built as cottages inside the forest using wood. You will get an experience of an into the woods concept when you enter your rooms with your loved ones.

We also have honeymoon packages to newly wedded couples too.





Restaurants in the forest

This will be a new experience for all the tourists to have their meals inside a forest.
Our restaurants and the dining areas are located inside the forest with a cool view and a natural beauty. Restaurant area is made out of wood.

You can enjoy your meals while watching the nature at your own risk.





Cabana for couples 

We have a cabana specially for couples and single travelers. You can spend your day comfortably in this cabana.  Also you can enjoy your meals in our restaurant with majestical view.